Antonietta Dolce & Gelato



Antonietta Dolce & Gelato

“Antonietta” is the name found on the lips of dessert gourmets and chocolate crunchers. Self-taught in taste, considered a genius of flavours and one of the best dessert creation founders in the North-West of the UK, Antonietta works in her sweet laboratory in the heart of Liverpool.
Since 1997 she has been evolving the best cakes, gelato and mini desserts giving it letters of nobility of Italian flavours.
Antonietta’s preparations transpose the love of creating cakes and the nobility of a craft that is as creative as it is passionate.

A long Italian tradition extending est. 1997 is here to bring artisan quality desserts and gelato to the new market under the brand “Antonietta Artisan Dolce & Gelato” .

Enter “Antonietta Artisan Dolce & Gelato” universe to understand how this unique and authentic Italian nature continues to wonder gourments all across North-West area.

The nature of “Antonietta Artisan Dolce & Gelato” is to breathe new life into the long-running history, to make it a new scope of modern take-away, but at the same time to preserve the unique atmosphere of where it all started.

Renshaw ST. Market